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Our strong passion for innovation has driven us to develop our tech, providing real solutions and added value to companies.

Based in San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), we have developed arm in arm with our customers, first at a local level, then national, and today international via our steel division.

Today we are pioneers in coding technologies for hot steel products (1200ºC), leaders in markets such as Oil & Gas in the US and in high speed marking of the leading domestic beers and a benchmark in the industrial marking and coding sector.

We are proud to be a family company that has its eye on the future without forgetting our roots. With a team of highly-qualified professionals and our network of market-leading partners, we continue to work with the same enthusiasm, involvement and commitment that has been key to us for over 45 years.


Victor Pamies founds IGORLE S.L., a family business dedicated on its beginnings to the export of machinery for the handling of paper and cardboard.


Instalation of the first InkJet printer with DOD valve technology


Instalation of the first CIJ continuous Ink Jet printer.


Creation of an Engineering Department specialising in automated traceability solutions.


Global launch of the Steel Marking and Traceability Division.


Adquisition of a new 2,000 m2 plant.


Inauguration of new headquarters.


2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan.


Today we are pioneers in coding technologies for hot steel products (1100°C), leaders in markets such as Oil&gas in the USA or high-speed marking on national beers and one of the reference companies in the industrial marking and coding sector.

Mission, vision and values



To build a solid business project, staffed by a committed team of employees capable of offering a professional service to all our customers, thereby generating confidence and lasting bonds.



To offer solutions that are technologically innovative, reliable and secure, delivering value to our customers and providing solutions to their real-world marking, coding, and traceability needs.





Interested in engineering?

Interested in engineering?

At SMARKTEC we focus on the development and engineering of the next generation of automatic marking and traceability systems. SMARKTEC is a company with a strong technological component, where our engineers work with the most advanced technology in automation systems, robotics and artificial vision systems.

What SMARKTEC is looking for

What SMARKTEC is looking for

SMARKTEC is looking for dynamic, proactive, flexible and organized professionals, who are highly motivated and committed to the company.

Work with us

Work with us

If you are looking for an international challenge, are eager to work on cutting-edge technology projects and want to be part of a competitive and energetic team, this is your opportunity. To join us, please send an email with your CV and a cover letter to: rrhh@smarktec.com



Quality Policy

Igorle S.L. – SMARKTEC provides engineering, manufacturing, marketing, installation and after-sales service of marking, coding and traceability machinery, in addition to the provision of spare parts and consumables, for the wider industry and for the steel sector in particular, through its engineering division. We understand that quality is an essential factor to achieve total customer satisfaction, and that this is the key to our company´s success.

Igorle S.L. – SMARKTEC provides innovative and customized solutions to substantially improve traceability and overall productivity of our customers’ manufacturing processes.

We are constantly developing our technical capabilities in the promotion of the technologies involved in the automation and integration of marking and traceability, working with key partners across the industry, to meet our exceptional quality demands.

Our Quality Policy and our general operations are reflected by our company principles:

  • Our horizontal organization allows the delegation of responsibilities and tasks to maximize employee learning and motivation. A comprehensive training package ensures our team has the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure our continued success. Every team member actively participates in our continuous improvement programme. Our teams´ safety, health, physical, mental and social integrity is guaranteed at all times.

  • Ensure total customer satisfaction and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Building relationships with our customers allows us to form long-term partnerships and we value our customers´ loyalty.

    Increase the integrity of customers’ manufacturing process with lgorle’s marking and traceability systems.

    Improve customer product quality – Total Quality. Reduce customer operating costs through automated data capture. Eliminate traceability errors and their consequences, which occur when the customer has manual identification processes. Provide real-time marking and traceability data during the customer’s manufacturing process. Improve the productivity and performance of the customer’s manufacturing process. Increase and enhance the value of the customer’s brand.

  • Research, development and own-product innovation as a basic rule for the development of competitive advantages over competitors. Cooperation with other key partners and technology centers to enhance product innovation. Working together with suppliers to continuously improve the quality and reliability of outsourced products and services.

  • Our focus on teamwork maximizes results in each project, which serves as an indicator of quality and efficiency of Igorle in terms of innovation in the process of continuous improvement.

    Improve the competitiveness of the company in a way that allows Igorle to position itself as a market leader.

    Obtaining ISO 9001 Quality certification as a first step to other certifications. Develop the tools and processes to eliminate Non-Conformities. Improve the efficiency of the company, which will result in a competitive improvement.

    Continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality Management System, through constant review to ensure compliance with the objectives. Promote and enhance the development of the company’s activity in a way that promotes environmental sustainability.

    Igorle is committed to the continuous maintenance of the integrated management system to ensure its adherence to this policy, making its principles known to all staff and making it available to customers and any interested party.